Jeep Wrangler 

All our bumpers are made from 3/16" steel with 1/4" steel mounting brackets and Graded hardware. Winch plates are pre drilled for winches with a 10" X 4.5" mounting pattern. Custom patterns available at customer request. Prices are for bare metal. Powder coating available at additional cost.  

Wrangler TJ Front Bumper:


This heavy duty replacement for the factory bumper is available in full-width (58.5") and "shorty" (46") versions and features two shackle mounts. 


Optional light bar with two light mounting tabs


Front Bumper



Light Bar


Wrangler TJ Rear Bumper:


Features frame tie-in plates, and two shackle mounts

Optional Tire carrier (shown) features taper-bearing hinge, easy-to-use latch and is rated for up to a 35" tire

TJ Hinge 2.JPG
TJ Hinge 3.JPG

Basic Rear Bumper


Opt Tire Carrier


Rear Bumper Accessories:
We have both Hi-Lift jack mounts and Blitz brand jerry can mounts available for our tire carriers. The Hi-Lift mount bolts on and features tabs for auxillary lights or CB antennas.
The jerry can mount is designed to work with 5-gallon Blitz brand jerry cans and may require some drilling to mount it.
Multi-Position Swing Stop for tire carrier has ergonomic positive latch to hold tire carrier in desired open position. 

HiLift Mount


Blitz Can Carrier


Swing stop 1.jpg

Swing Stop


Wrangler TJ Rocker Guards:


Features a main tube made from 2x4x3/16" tubing with 1/4" steel mounting brackets. Easy bolt on with no drilling required for installation. 


Side Bar1.JPG


Rocker Guards


Hardtop Handrails (2) - Designed to aid in removing the factory hardtop by two people.  These sturdy handrails include a full length backing plate. Fits 2 door JK.  For other Wrangler models, please call to confirm measurements. *Drilling required for installation.

handrail 3.png
Handrail 1.png
Handrail 5.png



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