Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998)

All our bumpers are made from 3/16" steel with 1/4" steel mounting brackets and Graded hardware. Winch plates are pre drilled for winches with a 10" X 4.5" mounting pattern. Custom patterns available at customer request.  

Grand Cherokee ZJ Front Bumper:


This heavy duty replacement for the factory bumper is available with integrate winch mounting plate and features two shackle mounts. 


Optional Pre-runner light bar or Grill Guard with two light mounting tabs

zj frt.jpg

Front Bumper


ZJ close up.png

Light Bar 



Grill Guard



Optional recessed light mounts

Recessed light.png

Recessed Light Mounts


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Prices shown are for bare metal. Powder coating is available at additional cost.